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Research Innovative Concepts
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  Technology Development  
Technology Development
  1. Drug Delivery Systems
  2. Platform Technologies
    1. Follicle Target Drug Delivery systems
    2. Colon Target Drug Delivery systems
    3. Orally Disintegrating Tablets
    4. Buccal Delivery Systems
    5. Modified Release Dosage Forms
    6. Film Technology
  3. Continuous Processing
  4. PAT and Advanced Process Controls
  5. Automation
  6. Patents and IP

Equipment/Process Capabilities
Roller Compaction, High-shear Granulation, Fluid Bed Granulation/Drying, Spheronization, Extrusion, Particle Coating, Microencapsulation, Spray Dispersion Drying, Blending, Milling, Tableting, Coating, Encapsulation, Transdermal Coating, Drying, Laminating, and Cutting Equipment, Homogenization, and Lyophilization.
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